A week of tweets: 2010-02-14

Sunday, February 14, 2010 
  • No matter how dirty your eyes feel after browsing 4chan, do not wash them with dr bronner's. Another hour of http://tweetphoto.com/10726195 #
  • Wow, chemical peel for my cornea. My eye will look decades younger. But for the next week dr says "it is going to hurt. A lot." I like her. #
  • Dr. Looking at eye with slit lamp: "wow…wow." "Is that a good wow or a bad one?" "Really bad." I like these people. Very cool. #
  • Whip It showing UAL EB now. Saw at TIFF; top 10 of 2009. Smashly Simpson/Drew Barrymore FTW. Julliete Lewis: sexiest actress evar. NBK #
  • Accelerated slidewalk is running at YYZ! http://tweetphoto.com/11015049 #
  • It's Tops is the tops. #
  • It's Tops is the tops. http://myloc.me/3NaJv #

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